Anti-counterfeiting Policy


Calie Parese branded products are sold exclusively through our official website and at the following exclusive events:

Elite London 2019

Bentley Centenary Book Launch

Concours of Elegance 2019

On occasion, Calie Parese branded products are sold directly from the company’s founders, Catherine and Alice Pearse.

Any Calie Parese brand-new product sold outside of or the events aforementioned is in all likelihood a counterfeit product.

Calie Parese cannot guarantee the quality and/or authenticity, of products purchased outside of the aforementioned distributors.

Calie Parese will not be held responsible for assessing the authenticity of products sold and/or purchased via any retail networks, which it does not support, and against which this message should serve as a caution to our clientele.

We hold a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeiting and we will take action towards anyone found to be selling counterfeit Calie Parese products.